Saturday, December 17, 2016

APACs Gloryfying Dinner 2016

20 october 2016
Bluewave Hotel , Shah Alam

Hi ,

Obviously it was abt 2 month late but I still want to blog this ! Enjoy the photo as much as I enjoy blog this . XOXO

My OOTN (outfit of the night) is from everyone favourite designer , Jovian Mandagie . This is one of his RTW collection for raya 2016 . Bought M size but unfortunately it was one size bigger than mine . I did alter w/ my own one day before the event . Glad it doesnt look weird at all . pheww 

Disclaimer ; This outfit is not sponsored 

Basicly the itinerary for the night , everything went smooth and as a guest i do not see any flaws . Well ,  thumbs up to all commitee especially to  Apacs Familia 15/16 . you nailed it guys !

Food sumpah sedap gila . I gave 4.5 out of 5 .
 Tbh , first time I pergi dinner melantap betul betul (like pergi kenduri kahwin gitu)  . kenyang and worth it ! Sadly , dish lain taksempat nak snap . this one je I manage to snap .

Highlight of the night . 

With my forever love hate girlfriend , Najihatul Asikin . She's one year younger than me but her brain just like year older than me . yes she's pretty with brain . always and always Love you :)

With Everyone favourite Senior , Fahim . Now , he currently an auditor at EY (obviously , just look at his tie) and With my lovely F9 lecturer , Madam Shariffah .

EY families :)

Featuring our beloved HR manager , Judy Lim , fellow partners , Seniors and EY ambassadors . Some will be graduate soon . gonna miss them .

with Qila , My driver of the night 

With the stunning lady , Farrah Aida (annoying but paling sayang)

Me . Lisa and Jasmira ( Ex MRSM buddies)

Obviously , there were only three of us doing CAT ACCA in our batch ( Felix Exitus 1112)  . We rarely took photo together as we rarely met . Sumpah jarang gila jumpa , and glad this time we manage took photo together .


Basicly , my batch is small . So we do not  need much space to take photo . LOL . Most of them are 96 buddies . Obviously sebab  i masuk lambat , only Fazreeq and I were 95 in the photo below  but its okay we still look young kan ?

1/3 of our batch . CAT jan 13

Us ft Mrs President's  , kak Aifa :) 

Fazlin , Najah , Me and Sikin 

With Syafiq , our former president 

MOTN is done by my roomate . I did ask for light make up as I dont wanna look weird during the event as this is my first time wore make up .

And last but not least .........................

 Till then ,

XOXO , Emi :)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

My BFF off market - #NanaLuqman

Hi its been awhile since my last post . yes ikr .
But I'm feel like updating my blog abt my BFF's wedding . Best moment should be captured isn't ?

So , this entry basicly full with photo that I captured during the wedding ( sorry for the low quality image bcs Im just use Iphone took this photo and some from my friends )

I knew , Im not the only one who really excited when We got to know that our BFF is getting married at this young age .  She's so lucky as she married her bestfriend and I guess Luqman is a nice guy even I dont know him personally but the way he treat Nana , yes he is !

Oh , did I forgot to mention , My BFF is Norsyazana Noordin , my former batchmates at MRSM Tumpat . The first person ever who gettin married in our batch ! Sape tak excited , tell me !!

Tbh , I really love this kind of wedding concept . Simple yet beautiful wedding . It was held at Bora Ombak anyway .

So lazy to write , enjoy the photo as much as I enjoyed blog this !

The Maid of honour 

The bride and Groom .

The bridemaids .
 My very first time jadi bridemaids . Sumpah penat but really love this experience .
Thanks nana for  this oppurtunity :)

Maid on duty but always ready for photo , Thanks bar captured this .

OOTD featuring Losraveda outfit .

While the bride is busy w/ her guest . I stoled her handbouquet . 

Selfie is a must ! pssst , Ara's make up always on point .

The girls always pantang nampak mirror I told you .

Hazwan , Barr , Ara and Emi Reunited after 6months. Bila lagi nak jumpa ntah .
 Memasing busy .

With former classmates - 3 out of 28 . Iqbal is always Iqbal , I told you .

1/8 of Felix Exitus 1112 . Next reunion on next wedding I guess .

Lighting game so strong ! 

The cake of the night . There's story behind this .

W/ favourite girlcrush since my first day in tumpat 

The bride busy w/ the groom . So the maids conquered their pelamin .

20 and still waiting for the other half . Will you be mine ?
 bcs I'm desperately need one . HAHA

Love is in the air .

To Nana and Luqman , 

Congratulation on your wedding , I knew this entry is about 5months late but idc . haha 
enjoy you days as husband and wife . 
To nana , be a good wife to your husband , and a great mother to your future babies , and to Luqman , JAGA  NANA ELOK ELOK ! 
May Allah bless your marriage and last but not least Selamat Bercinta hingga ke syurga :)

p/s Luqman's junior is coming very soon . Auntie Emi cant wait for this ! 


Friday, September 25, 2015

Habieb Nadz turn 20

25 Sept

Dear HabiebNadz

happy turning 20 .
May Allah bless you in everything you do
and ease your ACCA Journey and journey to Jannah (cliche wish)

I'm glad knowing you and I'm afraid of losing you babe , please just stay in my heart even one day we're not in same roof anymore .

tbh I don't know today is your birthday (teruk kan ) I must say a million thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for creat FB . (yes I got Noti from Facebook ) hihi

and yaa , Semoga dengan pertambahan umur seiring dengan amal .

k ,
I don't hv much idea to write About ,
So till then

and last but not least

I love you habibahhh and stay beautiful inside and out 💕


Friday, September 11, 2015

Emi main masak masak :)


So today ,

Suprisely . I wake up in the morning and tell my mum that I want to hv a breakfast with my own air tangan . So she quite suprise and glad as her daughter want to make a breakfast (first time) .

I know people will judge me but its up to them .
I know I'm bad in cooking
I know I cant cook well
and I know I rarely cook .

but I always wanted to cook like others and I dont know what is wrong with me .
Well , I prefer kemas rumah , mop , cuci toilet basuh pinggan , kemas dapur , kemas bilik and menjahit etc .


here my very first nasi goreng blackpepper .
 #senangjemasakrupanya #kenapatakcakapawalawal

and I wish this is not my last try . and my Achievement unlock :)


Monday, September 7, 2015

A Day with Ara


its been a long day ..........
lol nyanyi pulak 

actually lama dah keluar dengan ara ni but baru nak update blog
I busy youuu .

Okay ,
how its start

Ara whatsapp tanye free tak blablaa and kebetulan that time memang free so I cant say no for that
nak dating with babygirl , haruslah say YESSs . 

Missing her a lot kot

mula mula risau jugak takut akward ke ape , ye la 2years kot takjumpa .
But nothing different wehh , dia masih Ara yang aku kenal dulu cuma dia makin lawa je . okay makin lawa dan aku masih aku yang dulu . Sight*

Mission utama - MOVIE

aku bukanlah jenis manusia yang suka tengok movie but itsokay when it turns to movie date . Nasib baik cite ni best . Takmenyesal aku tengok .

Okay lepas movie apa lagi ? of course la window shopping . But Cuci mata je kot :( Yang nak tak ada . yang ada ,  duit pulak cakap NO . Haha (tapi bila online shopping laju je duit keluar )

Okay lepas tu . Of course a must place to go is SCM punya padang .

Anyway . the pretty girl below is ARaaaaaaaa . Candid pose sangat *

 tuan tanah pun nak bergambar . lol

Okay , ade couple tu mintak kite ambilkan gambar and aku dengan ara pun , wehh , why not kita suruh dia pulak ambil gambar kita . HAHA . ni la konsep what you give you get back .
Actually its normal weh , kalau kau lepak dekat sini and people around keep asking suruh ambil gambar mereka . *ikhlaskan diri ambil gambar mereka and barula nanti orang ambil kita pun ikhlas and tadela time nak upload nanti tade satupun yang okay . 

Yeayyy , ada pun gambar berdua . Thanks awak . You know who you are sebab I dont know who you are . sorry 

Okay lepas ambil gambar ambil angin semua . then balik shah alemmm .
sampai around pukul 6 camtu , ara ajak singgah dekat laman seni seksyen 7 . dah senja kannn , gambar pun takberapa nak lawa . yela gambar guna phone je kot bukan Dslr you .

duk jalan jalan dekat laman seni ade pulak student sabahan nak ajak bergambar . lol
kiteorang ingat nak suruh ambil gambar dia . HAHA
senyum pun dah takberapa nak ikhlas almaklumla dah petang . keluar awal awal pagi .

Entry takdela panjang sangat . gambar pun tadela banyak sangat .
As long as I hv memory to keep . bila rindu nanti boleh scroll blog je .

Thanks ara for a day to remember .
Sayang kau lebiu mmuah *over pulak

Aku .

Monday, August 31, 2015

Dear Wanie .

Hi wanieeeeeee .

I know it's gonna be a late  post but no worry I wouldn't forget your birthday.
sorry for not being there with you to celebrate your birthday .
I wish I can do something special for you but I got blank idea . oh excuse my idea-less

I hope your love one will do special for you .
yen , can you do this for wanie ? 😉

So , wanie
happy 20th birthday .
May Allah ease you in everything you do .
be a good daughter to your parents
a good sister to your brothers
and be a good person to everyone .

I'm feel bless knowing you as my bestfriend
I know my time with you is too limited
but no matter what,  your name your soul Will last longer in my heart

I just love you .
and I look forward to showing you how much I care .

Thankyou mak wanie sebab lahirkan wani yang cantik ni 💕
last but not least aku dah booking Kau jadi bridesmaid aku 5tahun Lagi . takkisah la Kau dah ️️ade Anak 3 time tu . okay tu je nota kaki

sincerely , kembar Kau (budak smk paka yg cakap )

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Just forget

And He is serious .

And I'm goin to be so emotional

Just forget .

Angan angan dengan berusaha boleh jadi kenyataan kalau diselang selikan dengan doa


Mana usaha aku kalau sekadar berdoa

Lupekan jelah emi
Can you ?


Patah seribu hatiku bila mengenangkan segala yang aku angan selama ni hancur berkecai . Ooooo #nyanyiinownstyle

Emi is patah seribu .

Come on orang putus cinta je ke boleh patah seribu ni ?
Orang putus 'Angan angan' pun boleh patah sejuta tau .

This is what happened to this girl (emi)
Lol . Am not too serious but the moment when your crush (notreallycrushbutsomeonewhomakeyoubebetterthanbeforeandwhoinspiredalot) tweet that he's got someone who just perfect in his eyes and would like to recommend to his sister . Like what #Ithoughthegotnofeelingstowardsgirl #Imdefinetlywrong and THIS IS NOT A GOOD NEWS .

I wonder why Im so emotional
Padahal he just crush zaman up sikit pada monyet je pun (kasarnya bunyi #readitproper) but I always dream that he would be mine . IN FACT I DONT LOVE HIM PUN . #Igotproblemeirhheartfeelings #amtoyoungforthisissue

excuse me

* I hope no one read this entry (write this for own purpose and I just love to write , thats all ) No STALKER please , just pleaseeeee guys


Sunday, June 28, 2015



I just cant sleep , so I wrote this (niat nak tweet dekat twitter je tapi takut nanti terlagha la pulak )
So end up , I opened blog and click new post . Haha #howemicontrolheraddictiononwrite . Lol

Keluar bilik , niat nak pi dapur minum teh ais je (my current fav ) , eh tengok tv masih on . Sah my father Not yet sleep . So ade peneman . yeheeet ! Tetiba lapar pulak . Then, I goreng fries and nuggets. While mengoreng , basuh pinggan dulu (mum might happy bangun sahur nampak sinki bersih) yeay ! while basuh pinggan ( i love basuh anyway ) damn, my nuggets hangit . Haha padan muka ralit sangat basuh pinggan.  But still boleh makan tapi hitam dia ya ampun macam pahit je but seems i makan dalam gelap bertemankan lampu tv je so taknampak pulak hangit . Haha . Dan rasanya masih enak tapi I tak jilat pinggan la . lol

Okay got to finish my dish .


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dear Aimi 💕

Assalamualaikum Aimi .


Happy Birthday Aimi .
Yeay , you're turning 20 nw . Dah boleh kahwin dah ni *janganlupaajak . Ehhe

Aimi ,
May Allah bless you in everything you do
and ease your journey to be a great daughter to your parents and great Muslimah .
You're lucky for having a birthday on 1st Ramadhan.
It will be your first step to improve yourself to be better  and  great Muslim . In shaa Allah . May Allah guide you .

Its been 3years we haven't meet but your name and your soul still in my heart.
Seriously, I miss you but what can do .

I wish one fine day we can meet up and act like 3years past . Oh man , I miss how strong our bonding .

Oh anyway Salam Ramadhan Kareem .
 Send my warm regards to Mi and abah . 
 Sorry for all my wrongdoings either in actions or words or anything that might hurt you . 
May this Ramadhan bring more barakah to all of us .

Emi Love Aimi .

Till then , bye